Alysha + Tyler // Grand Rapids, Michigan

There is nothing better than a good tear-filled wedding day.  We spent last Saturday celebrating Alysha and Tyler at Terra Square in Hudsonville.  There are two things about their wedding day that will forever stick out to us… one, that dress… wow, incredible to say the least, and two, the moment when Tylers little sister, the flower girl walked down the aisle with tears streaming down her cute little cheeks.  That struck a chord with her big brother and then once he saw his beautiful bride it was game over from there. 

There was a moment specifically that I can exactly replay in my mind… as Alysha was half way down the aisle Tyler glanced at his beautiful bride, and as his already teary eyes then looked away again and the tears began rolling down his cheeks.  As I mentioned before her dress was stunning (which you will see as you scroll), but it was more than that.  The way he looked at her said exactly how he feels about her, he cherishes her with his all.  It was a moment so perfect it was to overwhelming to look at her for more than a second at a time without welling up with tears yourself.    

The thing about a wedding day is, it at the time seems like the climax, the best of the best, but we hope and pray that as you embark on this journey called marriage that you look at each other with that adoration each and every day, and that the love you have now grows with every passing day and memory.  Thank you for letting us be a part of your special day, we were honored to be asked to capture it. Congratulations Alysha & Tyler!

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