Patrick + Michelle // Charlevoix, Michigan

This past weekend JMH Photography hit the road again.  From Friday to Sunday we covered a good chunk of the Lower Peninsula driving about 800 miles to celebrate two weddings and capture some awesome memories of some good friends at the farm they just purchased.  It is truly never a dull moment and we wouldn’t have traded the crazy 13 hours of driving for anything.  Once again, our clients proved to be the best people on the planet and we felt beyond grateful to have the opportunity to shoot these amazing couples. 

Friday we spent with Michelle and Patrick in Charlevoix, Michigan and I could go on and on about how gorgeous this venue and couple was.  The Shanahan Barn at the Charlevoix Country Club is for sure a must see venue in Michigan.   We loved seeing how every little detail tied together and as you will see below… the photos in this barn were pretty magical.   During our pre-planning meeting Michelle made it clear that she wanted to make sure to take 15-30 minutes during the reception to get some "golden hour" photos... and it was a great decision.  Those are some of my favorite photos we got, and I am sure that the time alone the two of them, while the sun was setting, is some of their best memories from the day.  

Walking away to embark on our travels to the next destination, Haylee and I both took away the same exact memories from their wedding day.  These two were troopers.  Friday was cold, windy, and not “ideal” wedding weather.  But Michelle and Patrick heated up each shot with their chemistry…. Cheesy but true.  Half the time we didn’t have to do much except stand back and let them be together.  Their chemistry made for amazing photographs and memories for everyone. 

Thank you to both the Nemmers and Crego Familes for welcoming us we had so much fun getting to celebrate with you all.  

... Stay tuned for Part II of last weekened's wedding extravaganzas later in the week. 

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